Small Business Server 2011

Comprehensive network solutions at an affordable price

Small Business Server 2011

Small Business Server 2011 Standard Key Features:


Easy to purchase one package and simplified setup allows you to identify, purchase, install, and manage multiple components and technologies together in a single server setup.

Simplified Management reduces administration costs by using an intuitive management interface.

Increase Business Productivity

  • Remote Web Access provides a single and highly secure entry point into a small business network. Access files and documents from inside and outside the business through any common web browser.
  • By combining Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010 with Windows Small Business Server 2011, you will have the configuration you need to be more efficient and effective, to easily collaborate with others, to work remotely, and to know that your critical data is protected.
  • Mobile Device Support so that you can easily add Windows Phone or other Internet-enabled phones.
  • Run Business Applications on a secure operating system.

Help Protect Business Data

  • Simplified Backup so businesses can easily backup server and client data to external and/or internal hard drives.
  • Network-wide security with integrated state of the art protection technologies.
  • Client Protection by monitoring computers for antivirus status, update compliance, and overall security health.
  • The ability to perform a daily, automatic, backup of every computer on a network and the server itself.

Greater Business Insight

  • Information Organization by sharing a centralized data repository that can be accessed from any computer on the network.
  • Enhanced Support and experience for Line-of-Business with Premium Add On Applications. Run a vast number of line-of-business applications on a second server, and enjoy a powerful data management and analysis

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