Computer Hardware & Servers

Custom-built computer workstations and components

Computer Hardware & Servers

Since 1992, Valley View has been marketing its own brand of workstations and servers. All of our products are custom configured to meet your exact specifications and hand-built one at a time by our Valley View employees. This ensures quality and craftsmanship rarely found in mass-produced equipment.
Computer Hardware INstallation
With our extensive experience in manufacturing computer hardware, you can be assured that we use the most reliable components in the industry. We never use proprietary parts and our systems are fully expandable for future growth. If you ever need replacement or additional parts, they are readily available.

24/7 Hardware and Server Support

With our reliable technical support services, you will have immediate access to a Valley View employee - this means no 800 numbers, waiting on hold or promises of a call back. Valley View engineers support our own products. Since we are local, we will be on site to resolve support issues before our national competition can even create the work order and process the red tape. With our stability and knowledge of hardware, you can trust Valley View with all of your computer needs.

Even though we feel that our servers and workstations are superior, we understand that customers may have a history of purchasing hardware from other vendors. We will work with you to specify the proper hardware. After you have purchased and received the hardware, we will install, support and work with the vendor on any warranty issues.

Serving the Minneapolis/St.Paul metro area since 1992!

Valley View is proud of its longevity and is a Microsoft Certified Partner. Since 1992, we have seen many of our competitors dissolve while we continue to grow. Our success is due primarily to our dedicated employees which provide us with a loyal customer base. We are proud to serve Eden Prairie, Edina, Minnetonka, Minneapolis, St. Paul and all Twin Cities suburbs!

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