Computer Networking Services

Network design, installation and 24/7 support

Computer Networking Services


A Microsoft Certified Partner since 1997.

We have a fully qualified staff of Computer Network Engineers to ensure that you will always have a representative available when you need one.

Computer Networking Services in Eden Prairie, MN

Valley View Microsystems offers a wide range of computer networking services to Eden Prairie, Minneapolis, St. Paul and surrounding Twin Cities areas - from network design to implementation, maintenance and technical support. Whether you want to install a new network, upgrade an existing network or outsource the responsibilities of managing a network, Valley View Microsystems is the ideal partner for your organization.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Microsoft® Networks
  • Local and Wide Area Networking
  • Broadband Internet connectivity Internet and Network Security
  • Directory Services/Account Management
  • Thin Client/Remote Access Solutions
  • Messaging (e-mail) and Calendaring
  • Firewall and proxy server solutions
  • Upgrades and migration services
  • Data storage and backup solutions
  • Wireless Networking Solutions
  • Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus Solutions
  • Smart Phone Integration

Network Evaluation

Our computer networking specialists can visit your site and show you how to increase productivity by using your current network setup more efficiently. Valley View Microsystems can also evaluate the future growth potential of your current network. We can evaluate your software and computer hardware needs now while keeping in mind future needs and expansion. Our network engineers have many years of knowledge on working with all kinds of different hardware and software. This gives us the ability to be extremely efficient in troubleshooting and implementation.

Network Security and Virus Defense

Valley View Microsystems can recommend and implement a total network security solution.

With internet-based phones, mobile devices and email becoming the legitimate communication tools of the 21st Century, our staff is able to implement internal and external firewall solutions and virtual private networks (VPN) so that your business can realize the potential of the Internet without compromising network security. We can also recommend and implement antivirus software to keep malicious viruses and hackers from entering your trusted network through e-mail and web-sites.

Contact us today for more information about Windows networking services and computer network support.