Mid-size Business Network Services

Meeting network objectives for mid-size businesses since 1992

Valley View for Mid-Size Business


Valley View has been a Certified Microsoft Partner since 1997.

Networks for Midsized BusinessWe have a fully qualified staff of network engineers to ensure that you will always have a representative available when you need one.  Valley View’s network Engineers have extensive experience with enterprise networks, allowing mid-size businesses to achieve their network objectives without having to maintain large internal IT departments or utilizing large national service organizations.

Operate effectively without normal business disruptions

Companies with over 50 users often have sophisticated networks but often do not have the IT staff qualified to handle all of the complexities of an Enterprise network. The IT staff may be over worked dealing with end user issues. They may also not have the expertise or knowledge to effectively integrate new technology that would help the overall efficiency of the organization.

Management does not have to focus on the network

Outsourcing IT support is becoming more popular because management is spending too much time dealing with all of the problems associated with the network and personnel. By outsourcing all or part of your IT needs, management can focus on more productive activities that ensure the growth of their business.

Full range of pricing features

Valley View offers hourly support rates and block rates depending on your needs. In addition, we can create a package tailored to your support needs.

Support History Detail

Valley View Microsystems has written a service program that stores records of all activities that Valley View has performed for your business. This is detailed information from support work that can be accessed at any time.