Small Business Network Services

Efficient, affordable networks with room to grow

Valley View for Small Business

Valley View has been a Certified Microsoft Partner since 1997.

Valley View’s qualified staff and expertise in Microsoft products allows your business to bypass the problems associated with free lance consultants. Small Business Networking Systems

Enterprise Engineers

Valley View Microsystems engineers have years of Microsoft Enterprise experience. Even though your business may not need Enterprise services now at least you can rest assured that our personnel have the experience to properly implement an enterprise network.

Strategic Planning

We will work within your budget to ensure that you have a state of the art network with additional room to grow your business. Our netowrk consulting services properly asses your current and future needs and develop a strategic plan to develop an efficient network. This includes servers, workstations, anti-virus, backup, anti-spam, firewalls, remote access and many other services.

Dedicated Network Support for Small Business

Small businesses often rely heavily on independent freelance consultants. Though freelance consultants carry less overhead than larger support organizations and can afford to charge marginally less, they are often stretched too thin to respond quickly to urgent situations. If an independent consultant is busy with another client, is sick, on vacation, or in training, the lack of backup personnel may force your business to wait for help during an emergency. As your small business grows, network downtime or problems with critical applications become more costly. The money you thought you were saving on a freelance technician can be eaten up quickly by lost productivity.

Our expertise saves you money over the freelance consultant. There are many networking products to support; freelance consultants cannot be an expert in all of them. Valley View’s staff pools their knowledge to ensure that your problem is resolved quickly. What takes us an hour to resolve could take the consultant an entire day or more. Valley View staff does not work out of their homes; we have been in the same office building since 1992.