Remote Monitoring Services

Real-time monitoring & reporting of your network servers

Vulnerability Assessment and Scanning

Our vulnerability assessment solutions help reduce your organizationís attack exposure and ensure business compliance. The process may include vulnerability discovery from outside the network, configuration auditing, misconfiguration assessment, denial of service threats, target profiling, port scanning, malware detection, sensitive data discovery and more. Also as part of the assessment we can determine missing security updates and less secure settings on workstations, and ensure that all security settings are properly configured. We have resources to help you comply with SOC 2, HIPAA and Penetration testing. Valley View can also perform seminars or training sessions with your employees to help them implement your security policy or better understand cyber security practices. Maybe you are being driven by customers to meet certain compliance standards or looking to be proactive in your network security, Valley View can custom tailor a solution to meet your requirements.

Please contact Valley View Microsystems if you would like more information or to develop a custom plan for your company.