Valley View Microsystems supports most Industries in the Twin Cities including:

Architecture & Design

Valley View Microsystems understands software applications used in your industries including AutoCAD, Revit and others. We work with you to insure employees can utilize applications and provide support if needed.

Software is dependent upon hardware, we are experts in determining hardware requirements, especially graphic cards, ensuring that your employees have the right equipment in place for optimal performance.

Many of our customers are working with large files, we provide them with the confidence that the network speeds and backups will meet their needs.

Remote offices and users need an infostructure that will allow them to share large files and resources, we develop a network that helps them maintain required speeds and achieve their goals.


Accounting & Finance

There are many software applications for these industries and Valley View Microsystems has supported most of them. We understand how to integrate these applications and can assist if you are using an on premise or cloud-based program specific to your industry.

Valley View Microsystems has the processes in place for data security, encryption and can assist with compliance requirements.

We realize that sensitive customer information needs to be secured and backed up, we help you develop and implement a plan to accomplish these important areas including secure remote access with Two Factor Authentication for remote users.

There are periods during the year that may be busier for these customers, we understand that immediate support is critical and have personnel ready to assist as needed.

Manufacturing & Fabrication

Each company is different with unique procedures followed to meet their objectives.

Valley View Microsystems understands that these industries follow specific processes to produce their products and we design the network to meet these requirements.

We have worked with many companies’ unique operations and construct an infostructure that integrates their process. There are many machines (often older) that need to be on the network. We ensure that the entire operations run efficiently.

Many drawing and part numbers exist, and we help ensure that they are preserved through backup and disaster recovery planning.


Professional & Law

Valley View Microsystems supports many Professional customers comprising different Industries.

We understand that you may be particular to a specific software application such as time and billing or similar software that you have used for years. We help support these applications and ensure that you are able to use them effectively.

Often sensitive emails and files need to be preserved for an extended period. We assist with retaining and achieving this information so that it is readily and easily accessible when needed.

Valley View Microsystems realizes that many employees need to work remotely or at client sites, we setup secure procedures that allow users to accomplish these goals resulting in greater efficiencies.

Small Business IT Support

Valley View Microsystem specializes in supporting small business with 1 to 150 users.

You may be starting a new business and we would be happy to share our knowledge to assist your new venture. Your company may have a dedicated IT person or IT department that may occasionally have questions or need assistance with special projects such as Microsoft 365 migrations or Enterprise level issues. We can meet your needs regardless of project size or complexity.

Valley View Microsystems supports most industries, we realize that your business is unique, and we develop at plan to meet your exact needs and budget.

For over 20 years Valley View Microsystems has helped local businesses with their hardware, software and IT needs. We have probably dealt with your industry and would like the opportunity to assist any way possible.


Honest, straight forward approach. Let’s get started.