Think of us as your personal IT staff.

Your dedicated Senior Engineer will assist with all your IT needs from workstation to server and cloud.

We will handle any support issue or installation regardless of the complexity and work with any third-party software vendors for programs you may be using.

We will establish a support plan that provides a proactive approach vs. reacting to problems as they occur.

There are no long-term contracts, onboarding fees or large monthly managed support costs. You only pay for support needed; we continually work hard to earn your business.

Valley View Microsystems is a Microsoft Partner with vast experience installing and supporting their products such as:

  • Microsoft Server
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop Services
  • Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft Azure

We can maintain a secure on-premise network for your company if you prefer everything remains on site or assist with migrating your information to an off-premise cloud-based solution or a combination of both. We will work with you to develop a solution that meets your exact needs and budget.

We offer a full turnkey solution consulting with you to determine what products are required and providing competitive quotes. Valley View Microsystems can provide all your hardware/software needs, ensuring the hardware is setup to your specifications and all licensing is accounted for.

Microsoft 365

There are many versions of Microsoft 365, Valley View Microsystems helps you select the right version for your needs. We setup and configure a Microsoft account for you, then order the licenses and track renewals so you will always stay current.

Users can be easily added or deleted per your request; we assist with any ongoing maintenance.

Valley View Microsystems can help assist with the migration from your on-premise email to Microsoft 365. We manage the project and communicate processes to limit down time.

You may currently be using Microsoft 365 but experiencing problems or have questions. Valley View Microsystems can help determine and resolve these issues and be available as needed for any future support.

If you are unsure of Microsoft 365 and would prefer an on-premise email solution, we can configure Microsoft Exchange and provide an Enterprise level email platform.

We are here to help and welcome the opportunity to discuss the benefits of Microsoft 365.

Security Solutions

It does not matter your size; all businesses should be concerned about security.

Valley View Microsystems has invested in the tools to provide our customers with security solutions to help protect their businesses.

Part of our standard service for customers is to provide a Security Summary including recommendations to enhance the overall security of the network. This may be as simple as implementing a password policy or more advanced such as:

Vulnerability Scans – performed internally and outside of the network including detailed reporting and suggested remedies.

Disaster Recovery Planning – Valley View Microsystems will assist with a proactive plan.

Two Factor Authentication – A simple, inexpensive solution to increase security for remote users.

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) – 24 x 7 network and 365 cyber threat monitoring and response.

Penetration testing – A complex and thorough test of your network to find security vulnerabilities.

HIPAA – Valley View Microsystems can help your company meet required certifications and has undergone a HIPAA Certificate of Audit.

WatchGuard is a leader in Security Services, their firewalls provide enterprise grade security to any sized business.

As a WatchGuard Gold Partner, we can recommend the correct firewall for your company and configure management, reporting and visibility features to help protect your business.

Backup Services & Disaster Recovery

Having a reliable backup solution is critical for any business. Valley View Microsystem helps design a backup program that successfully backs up your data and also allows for a rapid recovery if needed.

We have many backup options to meet your needs and budget, utilizing Veeam or Backup Assist we can implement a sophisticated plan to meet your needs.

Valley View Microsystems is a Microsoft Silver Partner specializing in Microsoft Azure, we can design and configure a cloud backup procedure for your company.

It may not be something most businesses want to think about, but a Disaster Recovery Plan is a valuable tool to have completed and in place if needed.

This document includes a plan to follow in case of a disruption or shut down of your business. A successful backup strategy is an important element of any Disaster Planning.

Valley View Microsystems will assist with developing and organizing a Disaster Recovery Plan to help protect your business in the event of a disaster.

Servers & Computers

We are hardware experts and provide customers with custom configured servers and computers. Valley View Microsystems has built and sold over 10,000 servers/computers to our customers. Our quality systems are custom built to your exact specifications one at a time by Valley View skilled employees and offered at competitive prices.

Valley View Microsystems uses top-quality components and with our knowledge can specify the exact products to meet your needs. Weather you require basic office computers, sophisticated design workstations or powerful enterprise servers we have you covered.

Any support is handled by your dedicated Senior Engineer who is only minutes away if needed. No 800 number to call and wait or be transferred multiple times only to be told your parts will arrive in days. We can often be on site, if needed, before your 800-number call can be diagnosed and completed.

Valley View Microsystems has systems and servers in stock ready to go same day giving you the confidence that your partner is ready when you are.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud servers give you the freedom to work anywhere without having expensive on-premise hardware to purchase, update and maintain.

Valley View Microsystems is a Microsoft Silver Partner in Cloud Productivity, we specialize in Microsoft 365 and Azure installations and migrations.

We help your business operate partially or entirely in the cloud and will determine the best solution for your needs and budget.

Many of our customers utilize third-party cloud-based vendors for specific applications, we assist with any support acting as your agent.

As more employees work remotely, they utilize applications such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom to collaborate with others. We work with you to implement the right application for your company.

Valley View Microsystems has extensive experience migrating customers, configuring collaboration software, improving network connectivity and offering new solutions for teamwork.

VOIP Services

Valley View Microsystems is a 3CX Gold Partner helping businesses implement a robust VOIP phone solution.

Our customers usually see a significant decrease in monthly phone expenses and an increase in employee productivity.

This is a cloud-based solution so no expensive PBX hardware, maintenance or service agreements.

3CX offers unified communications to increase productivity by allowing users to view the status of others, forward voicemails via email and hold audio/video conferencing with multiple people.

With more employees working remotely, 3CX provides a seamless solution appearing like the user is at the office. Remote users can plug an IP phone into their Ethernet connection and dial using their office extension or they can download the 3CX app to use on their smartphone to receive calls on their cell phones with different rings for office vs. personal. Employees will no longer need to give out their cell phone number since their phone number will follow them.

Valley View Microsystems provides installation, training, support and can customize 3CX to your specifications.

Strategy & Consulting

Where do you want to be years from now and what do you want to achieve?

As part of our standard service, we offer scheduled review meetings to discuss your short and long term goals.

We want to maximize technology for your business and ensure that your investment will increase productivity and efficiency.

Valley View Microsystems offers consulting and project management for installations to help stay on track and ensure a timely completion within budget.

We take the pressure off your staff and having one focal point for all activities ensures a successful completion of your project.

As a trusted IT Partner, we look out for your best interest and help achieve your goals and objectives.

Honest, straight forward approach. Let’s get started.