Valley View Microsystems is a Partner with Securence offering their CypherMail solution.

CypherMail is an email encryption service that uses a powerful encryption technology to provide security for your most sensitive email communications.

Some of the key benefits are that it integrates with your existing environment and you can subscribe on a per user basis which makes the product easy to use and affordable. Simple directions so all users can send secure emails easily and those receiving emails can open and view encrypted messages from any email platform. Additional defense against Phishing allows email receipts to recognize you as a trusted source and improve the deliverability of your secure emails

CypherMail has many Security Controls in place such as allowing you to control the number of views, prevent forwarding of emails, notification of read emails, expire messages based on date and number of views, allow retraction of messages and more.

There is no special software, unique interfaces or complicated steps required with CypherMail.

Save time and money by sending invoices, account information, statements and sensitive information electronically, while maintaining the highest level of security. With Securence’s Email Encryption & Security services, your electronic documents are encrypted and sent automatically, and can be decrypted and viewed by your customers and vendors easily, using any browser.

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